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Why are there no part time jobs?

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MiniTheMinx Wed 24-Oct-18 11:21:47

I was under the misapprehension that there were lots of part time and zero hours jobs.

I have been looking for a part time job for three years and I haven't been offered one. On the other hand every full time job I've applied for I've been offered.

I'm now working with looked after children working 15hr shifts and I miss my own children. I'm desperate to find the right balance. I'm on my knees some weeks trying to cope with long hours, uncertainty over time off and just trying to look after my family.

Thinking that fixed hrs would be better even if not part time I apply to work as an Estate Agent. All good until they tell me the hrs are 10 hrs a day and every Saturday. The weekly hrs are 48 every no no!

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Lazypuppy Wed 24-Oct-18 13:08:11

Have you tried retail, thats normally part time shifts. Whrn i was a manager, i had no FT staff, just lots of PT

PiggeryPorcombe Wed 24-Oct-18 13:14:35

Well it depends what you’re looking for I suppose. Retail is often part time. Ditto cleaning. I’ve just returned to work after 5yrs at home and am doing cleaning for now. And I’m loving it. No stress, bit of a physical workout everyday, and it’s good to be back in the workforce.

DeadCertain Sat 27-Oct-18 22:11:33

I do a part time job in retail as a second job apart from my main work. Early starts as it's 0400 but finish at 0800 and can get on with the rest of the day.

Otterses Mon 29-Oct-18 13:59:55

I work part time, but I had to negotiate with my employer and it's honestly not a job that's working part time. I'm a PA/Admin in the care sector.

LukeCage Tue 30-Oct-18 11:34:22

It took me 3 years to find a part time job. I finally found one but it was just temporary. My contract has just ended and there are no part time roles available near me (+25 miles). At least the gap on my CV is filled I suppose thlblush

The day before my contract ended I had a call from a business wanting to hire me full time. They laughed when I said I can only do part time (anything up to 28 hours a week)....

Good luck though thlsmile

beefchowmein Tue 06-Nov-18 09:23:20

I had no problem finding zero hour and part-time work but that was retail/care work/supermarkets/cleaning/food places min wage type of jobs so I guess it depends what you’re looking for

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Tue 06-Nov-18 09:24:56

If you’re already in childcare, why not become a childminder?

Oopsy41 Tue 06-Nov-18 09:26:43

Sign on with a care agency then you tell them your availability

Taffeta Tue 06-Nov-18 09:33:13

I know loads of people in part time work - as am I

Jobs ranging from accountants offices, online retail, legal secretary, teaching, admin, school office, own businesses, council, law, IT.

Lots of the jobs aren’t advertised - it’s being in the right place at the right time and networking - telling everyone you know constantly that you’re looking for part time work and if they hear of anything to let you know.

That’s how I got my job - told a friend who had a friend who was looking for someone with my background.

LittleBookofCalm Tue 06-Nov-18 09:35:54

Get your foot in the door with an agency and hope they are able to take you on on a part time basis
what sort of work do you want?

HotSauceCommittee Tue 06-Nov-18 10:24:38

I had to go full time after I was made redundant from my PT job. I realised I wanted a career type job again, but part time, ha ha! After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I went full time. I’ve managed to get it down to 32 hours per week now. That seems to make a difference.

EvilEdna1 Tue 06-Nov-18 10:27:16

I have recently got a part time job in a school office. Term times 4.5 hours a day but work until 5 so not ideal for parent of smaller kids. Pay is crap though.

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