Any radiographers here? Considering career change... (Mature student)

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Rosehip10 Tue 23-Oct-18 08:05:15

I'm seriously thinking about having a total career change and training as a diagnostic radiographer via the Pg Diploma route (have a science degree albeit from many years ago). In a month or so I am going to be spending a few days in the radiography dept of a large London hospital (work experience!)

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of more "mature" (!) students on courses such as radiography?

Also looking at finances after qualification - what is the normal earnings as a qualified radiographer? I know it is a band 5 job initially but, I was wanting a feel how much a general radiographer would earn working the 24hr shift pattern with nights/weekends etc - also do radiographers normally work 12hr shifts like many nurses?

Is there much scope to progress up the bands and are hospitals keen to train their radiographers in MRI/CT etc?

Thanks is advance!!

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KingIrving Tue 23-Oct-18 08:08:43

A couple of months ago I read the rise of robots by Martin ford and in the list of profession which will be wiped out by Artificial Intelligence, radiographer came on top. Before investing in training, i suggest you read the book.

Welcome0ffice2 Wed 24-Oct-18 03:26:56

I know a couple of radiographers, yes they work long hours and shifts, days and nights. I would not worry about technology of the future too much. Some NHS are still using fax machines and there will be places in the world where technology will not be readily available.

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