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15 hour contract and child care

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PivotPivotPIVOTTT Thu 18-Oct-18 17:11:44

Hi looking for some advice and hope there's someone out there a bit more wise than me about this stuff. I have just beeninterviewed for a temporary job and found out at the end that it's a 15 hour contract.

At the moment I am a single parent to two. I receive Income Support, Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit. I have just done the benefit calculator and because it's only 15 hours I won't be entitled to Working Tax Credit and my weekly wage would be about £20 less than what I receive in Income Support.

I don't know exactly what hours I would be working so can't work out my childcare costs yet. Hopefully it would be during school hours so I would only be paying childcare for my 1 year old but even at that I'm probably looking at at least £100 so that would be my full weekly wage gone. It works out I'm better off staying on benefits but I desperately want to work sad.

Can anyone tell me if there is any other help I would be entitled to with regards to childcare or should I just write this one off and look for something else. This is the first interview I've managed to get I am constantly receiving application rejection emails so was really hoping this would have worked outsad

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