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Silver shoes for interview??

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 11:57:53

Hi there,

I've applied for several NHS jobs and have some fabulous navy wide-legged trousers (cost an arm and a leg!) and a navy and white blouse. Do you think I could get away with these at interview as I like to be a little different and they're also something I would wear day-to-day if I don't get any of the jobs.

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 11:58:17

Oops forgot to add the link:

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Bluntness100 Mon 15-Oct-18 11:58:27

I think you need to post a pic...

Bluntness100 Mon 15-Oct-18 11:59:38

I wouldn't wear those to an interview no. They simply are too casual/out there.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:14:23

Ok, thanks for that :-)

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SimplyPut Mon 15-Oct-18 12:18:03

Outfit sounds nice but the shoes are too casual.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:29:19

Darn it - ok, back to the drawing board! :-)

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Bluntness100 Mon 15-Oct-18 12:35:13

Do you not have any plain black, grey, neutral, navy courts you could maybe wear? Even ballet flats?

SimplyPut Mon 15-Oct-18 12:35:38

How about these? Still quirky but more professional.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:44:43

I don't at the moment (not worked for a long time) but I suppose I will have to Bluntness. I was wearing sandals before but now the weather has changed.

Thank you SimplyPut they're a good idea!! :-)

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:45:52

Would you like to see my outfit? :-)

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ileclerc Mon 15-Oct-18 12:47:39

Absolutely not! Silver, fine, but not those.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:50:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 12:54:46

Ooooo....what about these?

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SimplyPut Mon 15-Oct-18 12:55:12

Love the trousers! I think the M&S shoes would look fabulous with them.

SimplyPut Mon 15-Oct-18 12:56:45

Really like the shoe but not a fan of the sole/heel. Personal preference though.

BendingSpoons Mon 15-Oct-18 12:59:23

I think it depends on the role. In my department they would be fine to wear for interview, especially as they will probably be partly covered by the trousers.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 13:00:24

Thank you SimplyPut :-)

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 13:03:22

I follow Trinny and she always makes everything look so cool with her silver brogues/trainers (and I'm the same height and build as her)- I got the trousers on one of her recommendations on instagram. I just think as far as you can you should only buy things that you love. :-)

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rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 13:13:57

BendingSpoons, are you in the NHS?

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BendingSpoons Mon 15-Oct-18 13:20:38

Yes, work as an SLT with small children so people are at the more casual end for work. People don't tend to wear suits etc for interviews as it's not in keeping with the role.

Almondio Mon 15-Oct-18 13:25:35

Those trousers are stunning! How about a pair of Clarks Hamble Oak brogues? I saw a lovely pewter pair recently, and M&S had a silver pair of brogues with a thick some last year, maybe try Ebay for a new pair, old stock?

smallfootpercy Mon 15-Oct-18 13:27:24

Not sandals even if weather turns warm again.


smallfootpercy Mon 15-Oct-18 13:31:17

I think an interview if different from the role though. Comfy shoes for work in a job that involves a lot of walking, standing, children! Bit more formal for an interview though.

rosinavera Mon 15-Oct-18 13:31:26

No, I'm sure I don't need to wear a suit either :-)

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