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Sorry for the rant

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Lucaslovesfelicity Sat 13-Oct-18 21:12:10

I’m just feeling a bit 😔 really. I have worked volunteering in my daughter’s school for the past two years, where a job has come up as a L2 Teaching Assistant. I have just recently completing my L2 teaching assistant course and decided to have a go at applying for the position. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting to get very far with my application, as they were asking for experience. I didn’t feel this was something I had much of ( even with the volunteering) but thought the whole application process would be good practice.
Now my gut instinct was right and after submitted my application, have heard nothing....not even a response to say I have been unsuccessful. This is fair enough, as I can only imagine how many applicants they have but what’s getting to me is that I walk past the headteacher most days and she hasn’t even acknowledged my application.. apart from the secretary stating that she had received it. I’m not wanting special treatment but just felt that as I volunteer, I could have least have been acknowledged to be told I’d been unsuccessful. Sorry for the rant but just needed to let if a little steam 🙈

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DancingForTheDog Sat 13-Oct-18 23:33:53

I don't blame you for feeling bad about this. Acknowledging job applications should go without saying and especially in this case as you are a volunteer helper. If you want to find employment as a TA perhaps see which local colleges offer training. Supporting students in a school is a requirement of the training, so your volunteering hours will be very useful.

Lucaslovesfelicity Sun 14-Oct-18 07:56:58

I’m going to look into the L3 course running at college next September. I’m going to also speak to the head to get some feedback. Thanks for the advice Dancing .

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MudCity Sun 14-Oct-18 08:10:39

When was the closing date OP?

You are right to ask for feedback on your application. Find out what they were looking for that you didn’t have. Hopefully they will give you some helpful tips.

If it helps, applications rarely receive a response these days in my field unless you are shortlisted (public sector). I agree, as you are volunteering, it would have been nice if they had approached you with some feedback though.

Don’t lose heart. Keep working towards your goal.

teddycat Sun 14-Oct-18 08:25:33

I think you should ask for feedback formally - I can see how the headteacher may feel awkward and doesn't want to go there whilst walking about her day.

h0rsewithn0name Sun 14-Oct-18 08:30:14

I work in education and one of my roles is to shortlist for support staff. We love it when people ask for feedback, genuinely. We don't like turning anyone away and if we can help someone with improving their application we will do this.

The chances are, you were not shortlisted because your application wasn't as well written as some others. Everything is about accountability nowadays, and schools can't be seen to shortlist people because of what they know about them. It's about what is on the form.

nellly Sun 14-Oct-18 08:48:24

Aww it does feel rubbish doesn't it. Are you sure she knows you applied? I work for our LA and managers and interviewing staff don't actually get a full list. HR receive the applications directly and remove any that don't meet the criteria. So yours would have been pulled out for not having worked in the job if that was a requirement and HT would never even known you applied

Lucaslovesfelicity Sun 14-Oct-18 21:33:43

Hi mud city. The closing date was Thursday the 4th and they are interviewing tomorrow. It would be a lie to say I’m not disheartened but it’s just the fact I’ve been seeing the head most days this week. I do appreciate it’s a little awkward but to me, it feels even more awkward seeing her tomorrow whilst interviews are potentially still taking place.
Teddy and horse - yes, I am definitely going to ask for some formal feedback once tomorrow is over. The whole process is obviously one steep learning curve for me at the moment.
Nelly- Yes, she knows I’ve applied. The school is a small village primary, so applications have gone via the heads secretary who confirmed she had received it. Never mind though, onwards and upwards ☺️ Thanks for all your advice

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