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To use mat leave for studies so I can career change?

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civicxx Fri 12-Oct-18 00:28:56

Aplogies for longish opening but dont want to drip feed!

Me & my partner are currently working in the engineering/maufacturing sector, we are shift workers like most people who have a career in this kind of work. The site operates 24/7 363 days a year & most locally operate on some kind of shift (earlies/lates) even if its Monday - Friday. Neither of these I will be able to do once we have a baby.

Me & my partner are TTC atm & I feel I will have no option but to change my career after having a baby, I will be sad as I have a good job, good wage & good chance of progessing further again within the company however this decision would be for the benefit of our baby/family & im ok with that. Partner asked if it would be easier for him to change jobs but he is slightly further educated than me and we have agreed that he is happy to 'pull the wage' and I am happy to work more family life hours.

However im not sure how to go about it?
Ive looked at enrolling on night courses a few times but it isnt doable at the moment although im thinking when I am on mat leave this would be the ideal time to return? I will still be recieving a wage so no loss of money and no shifts to work around, plus lots of free time for doing assements etc?

But what do I enroll on?
All I have ever done is engineering based education and all my previous job history is also engineering/manufacturiung, I think I will struggle to get myself a job in a 9-5 setting like an office/solicitors etc. I have no retail, call centre, restaurant experiance and im unsure how many easier to access jobs like that I would enjoy doing, although I appreciate I have to consider this sort of work.

Any advice would be amazing.
PS, aware this is serious planning but I like to have some kind of plans so for example we could save a few thousand for the cost of the course rather than deciding last minute and having to finance it with a new baby

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noblegiraffe Fri 12-Oct-18 00:56:17

It depends on your baby and how you take to motherhood. If you get a nice easy baby who sleeps through the night from early on and you have a super-supportive partner then you might be able to fit in some studying.

If you have a difficult non-sleeper, then getting washed and dressed each day can seem like a major task. I spent my first maternity leave in a hazy fog, the entire year was a write-off.

So I wouldn’t make any firm plans until baby arrives.

civicxx Fri 12-Oct-18 01:01:59

I will drop onto days at around 5/6 months pregnant so hoping to start then on a night course and they have start dates scattered all through the year.

Already have an older child so know how tired I could be, I was 17, on my own & went back to college full time when she was 4 months old & it was fine. Waiting to see if baby sleeps or not isn't an option but I have a supportive partner & between grandparents I don't think a few hours at college once a week will be a big chore if partner is working 😊

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newroundhere Fri 12-Oct-18 01:12:56

Based on my own personal experience of mat leave it would have been completely impossible to study. Some days I struggled to have a shower get out of the house at all.

But conscious that my experience isn't everyone's and with lots of support with childcare it might be doable.

You probably need to check your staff handbook / employment t&cs to see if they have any restrictions on what you can do while you are on mat leave.

And in terms of areas of study, could project management be an area to consider? Not sure if your background would support that but I work in financial services and PMs are always in demand. The core skills for that aren't industry dependant and there are opportunities for contracting, which might offer flexibility?

Good luck!

civicxx Fri 12-Oct-18 01:26:08

I'm aware the first few months will be rough, particularly as partner will be working weekends twice a month. But we've agreed that he will take 4 possibly 5 weeks off work and then use a few holidays to have the off week off in the first few months after, we are very lucky in our job and they offer very good maternity/paternity packages.

I am only talking about doing a night course or part time course, I am hoping that if I managed at 17 with A levels with no support network that I could manage a small course this time around! Or maybe I have forgotten how many times I went to college on little sleep, oh no!!

I hadn't thought of that, I will have a look, I know we are not allowed to undertake any paid work but unsure about education.

We have the opportunity to be involved in projects in my job at the moment so that's defiantly something I could look at, I'm hoping to get as much as I can out of my work at the moment which might mean going for things I wouldn't usually, for example I'm concentrating a lot on the documents/quality side at the moment.

Thanks very much smile

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