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maternity allowance and shared parental leave

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ruthietoothie Thu 11-Oct-18 14:12:24


I am looking for help and advice on claiming maternity allowance and taking shared parental leave. Has anyone ever been in this situation?

Basically, I am entitled to maternity allowance and want to take a period of shared parental leave. So - ideally - i'd have 5 months off, go back to work for a month or so (while my partner takes shared parental leave), and then I'd have the remainder of my leave.

My worry is that if I stop my maternity allowance claim I won't be able to start it up again when my partner goes back to work and when I'm off again. I've looked at the advice on this online and just doesn't seem very clear.

has anyone been in this position? Can anyone help?

Really struggling to know what to do for the best!!

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