Are you a producer? If so, what was your 'in'?

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GimbleInTheWabe Tue 23-Oct-18 10:49:57

Thank you so much @ninecoronas, I did think about going the 'usual' route in but I just didn't think I could start at a runner position with a young DS.

I don't do any VO writing no.. to be honest I hadn't really ever thought of that as a 'job' as it were, though I think I would have the right skill set for it so I'll have a look in to it.

I'm in a quandary really about whether to continue being a VO and endure the freelance instability or pursue a different path which I think I could really enjoy, though id loose all flexibility.

The good news is that I've been asked to interview for the internship which is great so I think I'll get a better idea after that.

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ninecoronas Sun 21-Oct-18 03:56:23

Hi Gimble, internships sound like a good idea especially if you're not sure which sector you'd like to get into- try as many as possible!

I work in broadcast TV and took.a fairly traditional route, getting work experience first then an internship during a production degree, the work as a runner, researcher, assistant producer etc. Working your way up seems to be the most common "in" but not exclusively, especially if you have transferable skills. Do you do any VO writing?

In all honesty it's not a very family friendly career, with long and often irregular hours. Part time is non-existent, there's a lot of working away on location in my role, jobs come up with very little notice and getting childcare is a mare! But as a freelancer I can choose to take or leave a job if I want to spend more time with the kids. I understand things can be more accommodating in corporate production but I love my job. Every day is different.

Please pm me if you want more info and good luck!

GimbleInTheWabe Sat 20-Oct-18 19:53:54

So thought I'd bump with a bit more info-

I've now applied for an internship at a very big marketing company in town and I'll find out next week if I have an interview.

I'd still love any tips/shared experiences for anyone who works in this industry please about how you find it with kids, the general environments, hours etc.

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GimbleInTheWabe Mon 08-Oct-18 08:19:52

Bumping for the morning commuters

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GimbleInTheWabe Sun 07-Oct-18 19:15:56

I am currently wfh as a voiceover artist and whilst I love the job and the flexibility, I really want to change career and I feel that my skill set is suitable for producing, though I'm still unsure exactly where I would best fit within this wide role.

I have one DS who is turning one very soon and I have been looking at internships/equivalent schemes across entertainment and advertising, but I wondered how else people ended up in this career, if you didn't mind sharing. Also any advice as to how well it works around having a child too!

Thanks in advance.

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