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How to sell on the phone

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Wallywobbles Sat 06-Oct-18 15:29:23

Can anyone please help. I have 3 weeks left in my trial period left at work. I'm working in the HQ of a bank, in an international area. I'm doing telephone customer service which I excel at and sales, which I'm new to.

Issues so far have been
1. The office has been unusually busy-possibly Brexit related-so there's been no time to train me on the front office systems However I've now largely got them sussed.

2 Training has also been poor in terms of products that we sell so I'm not sure how to sell something I don't understand.

3 total training failure in explaining how to record contacts, sales, appointments etc. Someone explained some of it last week in the first calm hour we've had since I started.

So I'm asking for help with sales scripts I think. How to broach things with clients.

There's no cold calling. It's more about proposing upgrades to cards etc, extra account ads ons, insurance appointments etc to clients when they call in. I take about 50 calls a day, but I'm not even achieving 1 sale per day.

Despite the rather chaotic start I really want to be offered the job because there is a lot of potential in the company for the future. And I'm enjoying having colleagues again after 2 years out of work.

Thanks for any tips you can give.

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