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Returning to work after sickleave

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ChesterCake Fri 28-Sep-18 10:49:44

Hi I’m hoping for some advice returning to work, I work 3 x 10+ hour days a week in a nursery based with children aged 0-2.

I’ve been signed off since the 28th of August, with desperation and aniexty. I’ve started taking 20mg of citalopram since that date. I’ve been to see my GP today as my fit note runs out today and she has adviced me to return to work on Monday, but with ‘altered hours’ to give me an hour long lunch break to sleep.

I don’t feel well enough to go back, it’s a tough and mentally draining job, since starting the ADs I’m so tired. I’m sleeping 9 hours a night and then needed a nap of at least an hour to get through the day.

I feel a bit lost and don’t know what to do from here does anyone have any advice

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DDogMum Fri 28-Sep-18 10:52:55

Speak to your work and see what they suggest? Then you can go from there.
The longer you're off, the harder it could be to return to work.

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