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homeandawayteaching Tue 02-Oct-18 10:36:27

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Otterses Fri 28-Sep-18 07:20:28

Hoping for a bit of advice on this one. Basically I need to find something flexible and home based, but I'm not even sure where to start, or if what I want even exists!

DH is going to be away for six months, to a year as of January leaving me with 1 year old DS. No family locally, no friends as of yet as we've recently moved to the area, and will likely be moving again as soon as DH returns. DS is in nursery, and I managed to transfer to another branch at work, but they can't accommodate me needing to work 9-4:30 next year so I can get DS to and from nursery. I'm really struggling to find work closer to home, and no childcare close to work, so I think part time remote working is my best option so I can work around nursery hours and DS. Plus move around the country as and when I need to. Ideally, I'd need it to pay around 18k full time/13k part time, which would mean after bills and nursery costs, I'd break even.

I'm just stumped for what to do and where to look for this mythical job! I was a retail manager for six years, then moved into supervisory admin roles, none of which I've really been keen on. I was thinking recruitment, but I'm not sure how flexible this would be, or where I'd even begin to find a remote job like that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've got about three months to get myself sorted.

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