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Back to work presents

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Stillwishihadabs Thu 27-Sep-18 17:51:24

A Df has just accepted a job offer after SAH for 2 years. I wanted to send her a "Back to work surrival kit" So far I thought naice instant coffee, travel mug, maybe high quality tights ?.Any other ideas ?

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TokyoSushi Thu 27-Sep-18 17:56:51

Nice stationery?

chewbacca83 Thu 27-Sep-18 17:59:11

A bodum coffee mug and a nice diary/notebook? Tkmaxx do both

Graphista Thu 27-Sep-18 18:02:10

How is she getting to work? Even if driving is parking nearby? Cos I'm thinking a good wind resistant umbrella.

What type of job? If office, nice pen (engraved so no cf can nick it!)

Stillwishihadabs Thu 27-Sep-18 18:05:58

Great ideas yes driving. Also thinking maybe smart lunch box ?

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ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers Thu 27-Sep-18 18:08:44

I just went back to work after 18 months off following the birth of DD and an international move, no one got me a present!!! Would you like to be my friend please?!

But in all seriousness... I would have loved a Starbucks gift card, a mug, a nice a5 notebook (professional cover obviously) and some nice tights but you'd have to know her size and preferences.

theonlywayisdown Thu 27-Sep-18 18:16:30

(Small?) bottle of wine for the evening of the first day

Hair ties, deodorant wipes, lipsalve, emergency cover up stick, tissues (all things I’ve wished I had at work in my drawer at one time or another!)

Stillwishihadabs Thu 27-Sep-18 18:32:15

Such good ideas, so far I have; coffee mug, costa gift card, note book, lip salve (?hand cream?) Pen(s) and tissues- any more ?

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Neolara Thu 27-Sep-18 18:35:26

I've just gone back to work after (gulp) 14 years. My very lovely friend bought me a pen, a notebook and a pencil case. They were very much appreciated.

theonlywayisdown Fri 28-Sep-18 21:10:20

stillwish I read your “Pen(s)” as “penis” 😁

DH has suggested breath freshener spray or mints for after curry lunchtimes and headache tablets for when your friend turns up with a hangover 🙄😀

A more sensible suggestion was a shoeshine thingy, don’t k ow what they are called and a folding umbrella.

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