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Wittyusernamehere1 Wed 19-Sep-18 09:15:26


Hello you lovely people. Looking for genuine advice from people who have been through similar experiences. Not to sound to blunt but I would prefer to know facts rather then opinions.

I'll give a little background information but to be honest I'm researching this for someone I care about who feels trapped and in a difficult spot at the moment. I'm trying to support a women I care a great deal about.. she is coming to the end of a long marriage which is causing her a great deal of pain.. she knows the marriage is over and she has tried to fix it, calling it a day is truly her last resort and she has done her best to make it work. That being said, it has been a mentally taxing relationship, with forms of mental control and bullying, to the point of her now believing him when he tells her that she will not be able to survive financially if she leaves. She has 2 children who are still in school and works the lunch shift at the school they are at plus 2 late night shifts at a local supermarket.

My question is.. does anybody know of genuine "be your own boss" or "work from home" jobs that do pay the bills and bring in enough money to live comfortable all while still be able to take care of the children and care for them and the house. Or are there any companies or long term jobs that are designed for people in her position where in time and when ready she can move up the corporate ladder so to speak.

I know of companies like Avon and places like that but that isn't what I was thinking as I think it is very very difficult to make a living out of that and isn't as reliable as it needs to be.

Basically I'm trying to give her information on jobs with very flexible working hours, a steady and reliable income and the chance to progress when the time is right. She is motivated and hard working, good customer service skills, reliable and intelligent with a great deal of confidence and can do attitude. Creative and ready and able to learn the ropes.

Please any knowledge you are willing to share on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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