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How can I earn money without leaving my toddler?

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TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 11:57:57

I've tried selling children's books and it really didn't work for me.

littlelapin Sun 10-Jun-07 11:59:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:04:42

I have been SAHM for most of the last 10.5 years. I did well at school but have only worked in petrol station/fabric shop.
I don't know what I can do, which is depressing. I can use a PC but not well enough to do it for a job, I think.
I feel so useless!!!!! And skint...

wheresthehamster Sun 10-Jun-07 12:17:25

Mystery shopping?

Bettaware catalog type things?

For pin money - paper round or leafleting?

PestoMonster Sun 10-Jun-07 12:18:58

Have you thought about childminding?

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:19:31

Mystery shopping? That's a possibility. Does it pay well? How would I get into it?

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:20:49

Childminding involves a tidy house, doesn't it? I don't think we could make this place inspectable. Chaos rules, unfortunately.

newlifenewname Sun 10-Jun-07 12:21:20

nannying with child in tow or child minding?

wheresthehamster Sun 10-Jun-07 12:25:35

Look on the internet for mystery shopping companies. Once you've signed on they then contact you with a suitable assignment.

Not sure that the money is fantastic though.

There are some MN threads on it if you do a search.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:28:29

Don't you need to be qualified to do nannying? (Although having 4 dcs should be qualification enough!)

jollymum Sun 10-Jun-07 12:33:30

If you can sing a bit and have a spare room, big enough for about 8 kids and their mums, you could run music classes. You'd need to join Musicians Union and get police checked but you could involve your toddler in classes (or give a free class to a mum for looking after him/her). HTH

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:35:03

Lovely idea Jollymum, but we don't even have a spare cupboard. Also, not sure if I'd have the confidence.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 14:13:14

Any more ideas?

justbeme Sun 10-Jun-07 14:23:52

I used to do Nannying - did some jobs involving picking up children aged 5 - 10 from school and giving them tea at their house etc - Proper nannies dont want that type of work - I did go through an agency. Another job from there was for a rich mum who just wanted "her time" for a few hours a week.
Or I cleaned a house (hard work) with my toddler there. Or did Office cleaning in the evenings when my partner was at home.

Chirpygirl Sun 10-Jun-07 14:26:37

I do avon which makes me about 30 quid a month for about 3 hours work a week, I could and have made more but can't be arsed! The most I managed was 150 quid clear profit in a month.
I don't speak to anyone unless they have ordered stuff and I am delivering so no hard sell either, I just load up the buggy with brochures and deliver/pick up on the way to the park.

cat64 Sun 10-Jun-07 14:36:12

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 16:37:10

Don't you still have to be certified (not like that!) or qualified to do anything with children these days? I couldn't do after school in any case as I also have 3 school age dcs.
Chirpygirl, this will sound pathetic, but if I was delivering brochures/anything I would be scared of dogs biting me
Evenings I couldn't do as dp could not cope with all dcs and wouldn't cook them decent food.
Oh, and weekends I would rather spend with my dcs.
Yes, I know I am awkward. But there might be an ideal job out there somewhere...
I could walk (nice tame) dogs I suppose. Probably wouldn't make much money though.

sandcastles Sun 10-Jun-07 16:46:56

How about mother's help? Doing odd chores for new/busy mums? Running errands, babysitting etc.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 16:48:34

Ah, interesting.

sandcastles Sun 10-Jun-07 16:51:49

Just think of all the times you wished you had a hand....
-picking up older children,
-some essentials from the shop,
-sitting with baby/toddler while mum has a haircut
-looking after toddler while mum & baby sleep

Gobbledigook Sun 10-Jun-07 16:53:48

look here

I've not really looked into it but you could have a scan of the website and see if it looks ok

ThePrisoner Sun 10-Jun-07 21:37:26

You certainly don't need a tidy house for childminding, or I'd get shut down!

FrannyandZooey Sun 10-Jun-07 21:39:47

I hire a hall and do children's groups in there

I am not registered or certified or anything, because the parents are present at all times

gooseegg Sun 10-Jun-07 21:47:28

Start up a cleaning agency.
Find work by advertising and then visiting clients in their own homes to find out their exact cleaning needs during the day with your child.
Then interview for cleaners and deal with paying them for casual work.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 22:17:48

Oo-er, I'm not good at cleaning.
Franny, were you ever self-conscious or are you one of those natural people people?

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