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Anxiety about returning to work

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popsanddolls Mon 17-Sep-18 23:34:41

Just a bit of background. I've worked in education at the same job for 5 years. Last year was an awful year for me. Firstly I suffered a miscarriage around 14 weeks. I spoke to work and took 5 days off. Every one was told of my situation. No thinking of you messages received or anything. Bare in mind I work at a place were if someone is off sick with a sore foot they get sent flowers ect.

Anyway I went back to work after that. I was given a harsh talking to as 2 days later I should of worked an extra hour. Sat marking alone. I did intend to do that. But sat there all alone I just burst out crying. I did kept myself so busy with my children and work up until then. So I went home. Obviously too upset to walk around the building to tell someone. Even though I clocked out.

I was then called to the boss' office. She told me that the following term I was being moved into a role I desperately wanted and knew I was suited for. I expressed to her how happy I was about this. Later that day I was rushed to hospital with intense pains and was told I was suffering an ectopic. I messaged work straight away and let the boss know exactly what was happening. The following day a colleague texted me to tell me I was no longer being given the new role and was being give another role. The boss didn't speak to me about this. Apparently she got it wrong. Even though I watched her read from her sheet what role I was given.

My doctor signed me off whilst I was treated for the ectopic. I was receiving daily calls from work as long when I was back. So I gave in and wet back due to pressure. All the while I was slowing losing the exotic inside me and bleeding. The day I went back I was sent out on playground duty. Even though my team leader knew I was in pain and bleeding. My doctor signed me off again.

Whilst I was off I became pregnant again. The place I worked were so bitchy with me and dirty looks when I walked into the staff from. Whilst pregnant there was an aggressive child alot bigger than me and I stated I would not work with him as he was prone to throwing things and pushing teachers incase he put my unborn baby at harm. This was frowned upon.

In November my doctor signed me off the stress and anxiety until my maternity leave started in January. My daughter was born March and I'm due to return the end of October.

However in feeling so so stressed and anxious about returning there. To the gossips and the snide comments and the dirty looks. I'm not looking for anyone to start getting me abuse on here. Just want to know what options I have.


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Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 17:07:58

I have also worked in teaching in the past and found it also stressful and unsupportive. Sorry to hear what you are going through flowers

Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 17:09:38

Do you think maybe about looking at working somewhere else more supportive or even doing supply? I know parents who do job shares which seems to work quite well sometimes.

popsanddolls Tue 18-Sep-18 17:28:11

Im looking into that at the moment. I love working with children so hoping to set up something child based thanks guys

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Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 17:35:41

Something you might think about is working in a nursery- I know someone doing this who gets a great discount, and they like teachers working there...[wonk] looks good for the parents. Have you got early years experience?

Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 17:36:00

wink I meant!

popsanddolls Tue 18-Sep-18 18:01:05

Hi yes I've been in early years for 5 years. I'm debating starting my own business maybe. Thanks for the advice x

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Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 18:14:55

Ok, so my friend too worked in early years and found it stressful, worked in a nursery instead in the pre school section...when she was pregnant they offered her half price daycare if she stayed on and quite a good wage to work in their preschool section...if any interest to you.

Orangeblossom1976 Tue 18-Sep-18 18:15:51

or yes you would be popular with parents if you chose to mind children with your qualification and could also do tutoring maybe.

popsanddolls Tue 18-Sep-18 18:29:29

Thanks for the advice you have been great c

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Orangeblossom1976 Wed 19-Sep-18 09:15:54

no probs

LadyLapsang Fri 21-Sep-18 20:52:48

Presumably you need to return to work otherwise you will need to repay some of the maternity pay you have received. Have you had any keeping in touch days or conversations about expectations for when you return?

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