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Director with a vendetta

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MissesC Tue 11-Sep-18 23:43:40

Please can someone help me, I returned to work 5 months after having my baby (employers request by text) major changes occurred while I was on maternity and I returned and was TUPED to a new company. All other members of SMT are now directors bar me.... my annoyance at not being notified even though I carried out KIT days was considered me struggling emotionally with the RTW fast forward I’ve been asked to change my WP 4 times only once (I returned at 3 days and couldn’t manage work load so asked to increase) with a justifiable reason. I’ve cooperated to appear flexible and willing. The last conversation ended two weeks ago with my director screaming get out at me in his office. Ima also pregnant again. My line manager seems caught between seeing the injustices but not wanting to incriminate his fellow director. We have not spoken since he worked from home for a week on dogternity leave - a jibe at my maternity leave I feel. During which he was offline and barely contactable. He is a character to be polite. I’m in bed it’s my home working day tomorrow and I feel so anxious I could throw up. Today I was told hoemworking does not work for him. I can work 30
Hours or 37.5 so 4 or 5 days but have to work within normal office hours. We run 24/7 365 days of the year. I don’t want to take a pay cut but i don’t want to work 5 days without seeing my baby. If he’s saying I can do my job at 30 hours a week surely I could do 34 hours a week over 4 days. He’s ejected this with no reason although my line manager has told me he has acccused me of clocking in late and leaving early when I was previously working flexi. There is no evidence and it’s never been mentioned as an issue I’ve never received any warning in time keeping either. I have no HR or union - can anyone help. I am thinking of putting this in a formal email logging facts on what’s happened with my work pattern so far but I don’t want to cause tension - I have a good job I love and I want to return to. I also have never been off for more hen a day or two and don’t want to go off with stress but what if me trying to be strong is effecting my baby? Please can someone help x

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