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Cupcakes12 Sat 08-Sep-18 10:28:25

Hi everybody
I am applying for a teaching assistant post at my local school
I have been working as a ta for over 12 years
at my last job.
So after 12 years applying for a new job is very daunting
Can anyone share an tips on completing the application
An lastly any advice on completing the personal statement. This is what am worried about the most. This wasn't needed when I last applied for a teaching assistant post
Thank you

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Cupcakes12 Sat 08-Sep-18 18:04:35


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Confusedbeetle Sat 08-Sep-18 18:18:32

Obviously, the form needs to be neat and legible or typed. Personal statement, why you want the job, what you have achieved and most enjoyed about your previous experience, what you can bring to the job. Sometimes a bit of hobby and interests can be handy, gives the interviewer a bit of not job-related material to talk to you about, show a bit about your personality etc. Check carefully the personal spec and be sure you tick all the boxes. If you do, they have to interview you

Cupcakes12 Sat 08-Sep-18 19:15:07

Thank you
Do I keep it short or long?

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