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DWP Work coach application - competency questions

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lmcintyre8676 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:51:31

Im in the process of applying for a Work coach position with the DWP and im struggling to find answers for the 2 competency based questions.

Leading and communicating
Managing a quality service

I've got a couple of examples written down but I just don't know if they are going to be good enough or how detailed/in depth they need to be.

For leading and communicating I've got one about arranging a team building session to boost team morale/productivity etc

For managing a quality service I've got that I put together a training plan for everyone to use when training new starters.

Application has to be completed by tomorrow so any advice would be helpful, I've read through the CS framework and tried to use the STAR technique but im unsure if my answers are strong enough!

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Isleepinahedgefund Thu 23-Aug-18 14:28:35

I’m just in the middle of coaching someone to help them strengthen their competencies for CS applications.

The examples you have sound on the face of it to be good ones. For the team building one, did you facilitate the event? If not, and you only did the logistics like getting the venue, I’d hesitate as to whether it is actually about leading and communicating. The training programme one sounds like a good one for managing a quality service, although again if you delivered the training, it could also be leading and communicating, and If you have another example for managing a quality service you could swap it out.

You need to make sure you give details of not just what you did but exactly how you did it. Sifters often say the examples were good but the writer was not specific enough.

For instance, dont just say “I organised a team building event and invited everyone along.” Be really detailed as in “I agreed a date and sourced the venue. I worked with my manger to agree an agenda for the day. I arranged activities.... at the event I kept the attendees informed as to the framework of the day and fielded questions,.”

Keep your language and style positive. Quantify the outcome. Remove “filler” words. Start at the beginning, tell the story in order.

lmcintyre8676 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:06:43

Thanks for the advice, that's really helpful.
I did organise and lead the team building meeting but everyone attending obviously then had their opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on how to improve as a team.

For the training one i devised a plan that everyone was able to use and follow especially when there were multiple new starters across the department.

I will have a read through my notes again and see what i can improve on.

Thanks so much!

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lmcintyre8676 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:13:08

I may potentially have an interview coming up with the civil service within the DWP and i'm trying to come up with answers for the 2 other competencies that i might be asked on. These are 'making effective desicions' and 'collaborating and partnering'.

I've got a few situations in my mind that i could use from previous jobs but the dificulty is trying to fit these answers around their framework and how relevant my answers are.

For the making effective decisions one i have one along the lines of recognising that the way work was allocated across the team wasn't fair or equal leaving others with substantially more work than others, advising the team leader of this and taking suggestions on board from the rest of the team as to how this can be improved. Weighing up pros and cons of what was suggested and putting forward what i felt was the best solution to the team leader.

I'm struggling a bit with the collaborating and partnering, nearly every job i've had i've worked as part of a team sometimes small and sometimes larger also built good professional relationships with external clients/contractors etc

Any advice would be great!

Today 20:11lmcintyre8676

Ive managed to get through the application stage, it's currently 'under review'. However, with a potential mock interview towards the end of this week im trying to work on the other 2 competencies i may be asked on which are 'making effective decisions' and 'collaborating and partnering'.

For making effective decisions i have an example from a previous job where i went out of my way to help a customer and stayed at work late (by my own choice) until i had resolved the situation.

The collab and partnering i have working together as a team to create a more fair and manageable workload for the team.

My struggle is trying to tailor my answers to the framework.

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