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Need a plan!

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Unicornshorn Sat 18-Aug-18 20:33:24

I returned to work from maternity leave 3.5 years ago and my post was soon made redundant. Only suitable job on offer was a promoted post/ job share which I went for and it's been hell ever since. Lots of issues with difficult colleagues, lots of unpaid overtime and just constant stress from working in the charity sector in terms of funding problems etc.

I've 20 years experience, studied at uni on three occasions to Masters level but I'm really wondering about a career change.

I work in a really toxic environment which is making me crave home working so I don't have to be in a team but part of me knows that's silly as not everywhere will be like that. I definitely feel that management is not for me as I'm quite sensitive and lacking in confidence but also don't know if my current work place is making me feel like that.

I would love less responsibility but need to think about a similar salary level because of commitments (about £20.00 ph) but part time hours. Am interested in things like digital marketing, blogging, web development, tutoring, setting up a business involving some sort of therapy and so on but don't know if these are unrealistic in terms of finding work/ income. These are just ideas, I don't really have a clear path in mind. I think I am very organised, have good writing skills, good at leading projects and development work plus lots of years experience working with children and young people in education and care settings.

Part of me feels resentful at having to think about a career change after all that study, but I feel like it's got me nowhere! Also wondering if should stick it out for another year until my child starts school but I don't know if I can cope!

Sorry for the ramble but any advice would be brilliant.


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ThinkingCat Sat 18-Aug-18 21:34:15

You've been there 3 and a half years so it would be reasonable to look for another job in the same field while you work out your longer term plans. Are there many other jobs in similar organisations? Do you get the vacancies emailed to you?

Unicornshorn Sat 18-Aug-18 21:42:53

Apologies I didn't write that very well- I've been there 15 years but in current post for 3.5. Thanks for your reply, yes been receiving vacancies but feel like my heart is not in it any more. Thanks again.

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Bella898 Sat 18-Aug-18 21:48:21

I would say there are definitely part time positions in digital marketing, web development etc with that kind of experience. Why don't you meet with a recruitment agency and be really specific in terms of what you want, get your CV really up to date and polished, and go for a few job interviews to get some practice (you may be a bit nervous having been in same company for so long). Anyway if it comes to it you don't have to take the first job that comes along but you've literally nothing to lose by taking the first step!

Unicornshorn Sat 18-Aug-18 22:12:01

Thanks for your reply and you are right, I need to take a step forward. An agency is a good idea and maybe polishing my CV will give me some confidence. I'm not as nervous about the thought of interviews, more the prospect of ending up in such a stressful environment again! Thank you!

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User19992018 Sun 19-Aug-18 14:38:16

Do you know what your values are? I'd suggest working out what they are first and then going from there.

Certainly there are much nicer places to work that may well feel much more aligned with who you are and what makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning and feel good about going to work, whatever shape or form that takes.

Certainly there's demand for blogging, digital marketing and various other kinds of new economy jobs like that.

I've been through similar questions over the last few years and having returned to work, I quit and am now interviewing for other roles that feel much more like who I am and what I want.

Unicornshorn Mon 20-Aug-18 18:22:19

Thank you for your inspiring post! I have a good idea of what I do/ don't want so I think I need to find some quiet time to write everything down and possibly also make a careers appointment or online research to find out about the other areas I'm interested in. I feel more motivated after a miserable weekend feeling awful after work last week. Thanks again.

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