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Switch from FS to IT? Easy, crazy, hard or not to bother?

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Getitdonet Thu 16-Aug-18 15:58:59

I have currently been in the financial service private sector for many yrs as a contractor in the regulatory space (so no crunching of numbers more compliance, governance, risk) I have had some recent roles in the fintech space which I have liked.

I make decent money currently but with the uncertainty of Brexit I am thinking maybe to look more into the IT side of things as it is 'disrupting' the industry and seems to have better work prospects re consistency. monetary and longevity as well as work flexibility.
I am really not the most tech savy person at all and I do not know VBA, SQL or any of that good stuff so I would be starting ground up whatever that looks like.
Any advice/opinions?

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RedSquirrelMoonlight Sun 26-Aug-18 16:15:28

You should be able to transition into an IT Risk type role, that's such a growing area. Also, no need to be techy you just have to be open to understanding it.

Getitdonet Tue 28-Aug-18 13:51:57

Thanks @red is there any courses you think would help?

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RedSquirrelMoonlight Tue 28-Aug-18 22:09:35 is highly regarded, it has both risk and compliance.

You could also move into an IT governance / Info Security role via a CISSP certificate

Good luck!!

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