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Signed off before annual leave...

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NC114 Thu 02-Aug-18 08:50:27

Hello, just looking for some advice. My doctor signed me off of work this week for pregnancy related symptoms and if I'm still not feeling great next week I think he'll do the same. I'm due to take annual leave on the week of the 13th Aug. It's not an abroad holiday it's just to a family chalet in the South of England. Would I still be able to take my annual leave? Would I have to use it as sick leave instead? Are there any procedures? Thanks for your help!

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NC114 Thu 02-Aug-18 10:17:14


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SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 02-Aug-18 10:19:36

In my work it would be sick leave instead of annual leave I think.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 02-Aug-18 10:20:15

Employment issues might be a better topic for traffic

Waltzingmatilda65 Thu 02-Aug-18 10:26:13

Years ago I went from sick to annual leave and i’m Sure I got my leave back. Try ACAS site.

NC114 Thu 02-Aug-18 10:28:31

Thanks all!

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CarlyJayne1987 Sat 04-Aug-18 14:44:37

Ditto above - im currently signed off sick - i spend my days with my head down the toilet - classy (pregnancy!)

Im also currently on "annual leave".... but sick always over rides annual leave so you will get it back

Hope that helps

Kate123cl Sat 04-Aug-18 14:51:54

@CarlyJayne1987 Horrible isn't it!sad It does help, thank yousmile

AnnieOH1 Sat 04-Aug-18 14:59:36

Legally you can take the holiday again but most companies in my experience would offer you the holiday pay if you only get SSP.

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