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Solicitor working patterns

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theobear Fri 20-Jul-18 19:00:16

Hi, I've been back in work over a year following maternity leave and I'm not happy with my work-life balance. Even if I leave work at 5 on the dot then I am not home with my 2 year old until close to 6 pm. This leaves me an hour to cook, bathe him and get him ready for bed - and he is often grumpy at this time. The idea was DH would do all the pick-ups by starting his day earlier - he's done this but it has just longer days and I'm picking up the slack quite often. I also just want more time with my child.

I currently work 9 days out of every 10 (0.9 FTE) and this is nice. I am considering dropping some hours / changing my hours / working from home to spend more evening time with my toddler.

Is anyone a solicitor or similar who could tell me what their contracted hours are? Condensed hours won't work for me and I am worried an 8 to 4 pattern would be equally difficult due to the culture of working more than 9 to 5. I work in a regional firm so not the same pressures as City law but 9 to 6/7 is fairly normal and expected of full-time employees (contracted to 35 hours per week).


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theobear Fri 20-Jul-18 19:01:42

Typo - "but it has just meant longer days and I'm picking up the slack quite often"

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goodbyeeee Sun 22-Jul-18 09:47:15

I work in- house and really lucky to work 3 days per week with one from home. I have a VERY long commute, a 2 year old and another DC in primary school. On the days I go in I leave at 6.45am and am often not back until 7. Some days I see the DC briefly in the morning then not again that day. But i can live with that because I have the two days with the 2 year old.

On the days I work they go to nursery/after school club and have been fed already so I don't have to cook for them when I get in. I just try and catch up with their day at bathtime.

It's hard flowers

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