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Help with nursery nurse interview

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trickydickie Tue 17-Jul-18 22:17:46

I have had four interviews for a nursery nurse assistant. Have been rejected for all four jobs.

I am qualified to be a nursery nurse. I now have 3 interviews lined up for nursery nurse jobs plus another few nursery nurse jobs.

Can anyone give me any answers to questions I might be asked. The team work one always baffles me. Feed back I got today was that I had answered other questions fine but didn't go into enough detail about team work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Mindchilder Tue 17-Jul-18 22:19:19

What was the question?

Have you worked in a nursery before?

Jeippinghmip Tue 17-Jul-18 22:24:41

It helps to give actual examples of your own experiences of working in a team. For example you could describe how you supported a colleague in a difficult situation or you could give an account of when you worked in partnership with others in running a parent and child group.

Actual examples of what you did is what they want.

trickydickie Tue 17-Jul-18 22:54:32

The question mentioned positive ethos and team work. I am a childminder and gave the example of when I helped organise an elderly and toddler group session at a nursing home.

Feed back was that I didn't mention anything about when I have stood out in the group to say something which has been rejected. She said somethiing about she was looking for examples of when I have listened and when I have communicated within the team.

Feed back after the second interview was that I could have mentioned some early years initiatives. Which I did in the next interview.

Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks.

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