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Looking for some wisdom and advice to turn this around

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OhMyLordyLordy Mon 16-Jul-18 22:23:11

20 years ago I gave up my IT career and moved to the middle of nowhere. I've raised a family, built a house, built two businesses, qualified and worked as a teacher (hated school politics) and dabbled as an educational consultant but it was all fitted around OHs priorities and DCs with additional needs. In the last few years I have been running our family business but I have lost all my confidence. My cv is holey, I have no recent references. The family business is crashing and burning - OH seems quite determined to destroy it and I think I need to admit defeat there. I need to earn some money and get on with my life. I still live in the middle of nowhere and DCs stll need support at the minute. I'm wondering about training as an accountant? But wonder if I could update my IT skills and develop apps? Any advice or cv tips?

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