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Proud Working Mummy of 2!

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ginamartin1 Wed 11-Jul-18 14:29:44

I am currently working in security and my employer is looking to encourage more females to join the industry.

I currently work Monday to Friday, school hours and it fits in really well with my 2 children and the hourly rate is much better than when I worked in retail.

Does anyone here have any questions about how I got started?

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EveningHare Wed 11-Jul-18 14:34:18

You could start with a less cringy title to your thread?

Don't mean to be rude, but really?

Ok I am being very rude....but your title is making me want to ask if you're ok hun

User19992018 Wed 11-Jul-18 14:37:20

Yes please do share your experience.

Thank you for offering to do so.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 11-Jul-18 14:39:07

How did you get started?

ginamartin1 Wed 11-Jul-18 15:16:29

Hi EveningHare,
I am sorry that my positivism has been misjudged as cringy, I am just trying to share my experiences and enthusiasm in my career and help others.

Hi User19992018 & ChaosTruleyReigns,
After I had my second child I didn't want to go back to my normal job. I looked around for different avenues which suited my hours and I spoke to one of the other mums at nursery which done Front of House Reception and Security services. She got me in touch with the HR Director (who also works 3 days a week due to childcare).

The HR Director went through the training required for the security sector SIA Licence I attended a 5 day training course to obtain this qualification and passed.

It was very easy for me to get a job in security as females are very rare. I love doing what I do and I can work 8 hours per day on a split shift.

They also do Front of House reception too.

I hope this helps, welcome to any questions.

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notme999 Wed 11-Jul-18 18:30:08


Have you ever had to actually tackle someone? I would like to do security but don't like confrontation and would be scared of getting hurt! Haha probably not the best job for me then I suppose.

Also how long did training take etc

ElectricDreamer Wed 11-Jul-18 18:42:46

I'm a female who worked in the security industry for 4 long years. It was riddled with sexist pigs who treated it's female employees like shit. And the salary was awful.

The hours were never flexible or could fit around family life. I worked myself into exhaustion doing 72 hr weeks. I missed out on 4 years of special occasions with my family, like Christmas/New Year etc.

When there were talks of redundancy, unless we agreed to work overtime with no extra pay, I gladly offered my voluntary redundancy and never looked back.

Worst 4 years of my life were wasted in that industry. I'd rather clean toilets quite frankly. Never again.

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