Employer asking me to return to work early

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owltrousers Tue 10-Jul-18 12:06:10

Hi All,

I'm currently on maternity leave, not due to return until 22nd December if I take the full 9 months (undecided) received an email from work to say my maternity cover is pregnant and due on 25th October so can I return early.

I was considering going back after 6 months on 22nd October so I've asked how early and they are now saying 15th October. They've assumed I'm returning after 6 months leave. By returning early I'd be missing out on a few precious weeks with DS while he's little, plus also the maternity pay I'd be getting in those weeks.

Not sure how to proceed, are work being a bit dodgy here?

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champagneplanet Tue 10-Jul-18 12:12:49

Not dodgy but hoping you'll go back early to solve them the problem of finding a replacement.

You don't have to take your full entitlement but have the nine months if you want it and can afford it. Let them take on a temp to fill the gap.

Don't forget you are also allowed your annual leave as well.

FoxAndBear Tue 10-Jul-18 12:13:08

I think they're entitled to ask but you can of course say no. Just do what's best for you, you're legally entitled to a full year off and they can't force you to go back before then unless you choose.

owltrousers Tue 10-Jul-18 12:15:13

Another thing to add - I've asked to return part time and they've basically said its unlikely they'll consider it. I thought they had to consider flexible working by law?

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starfishmummy Tue 10-Jul-18 12:20:57

You are entitled to ask for flexible working patterns but they can say no

SmallBlondeMama Tue 10-Jul-18 12:26:10

Not your problem!! Don't go back early.

ptwmummyof2 Tue 10-Jul-18 12:27:42

^^ but they do need to properly consider it - put your request to them in writing. And as pps have said, they can ask you to return but it's up to you what you do, you're entitled to 52 weeks leave + any annual leave

reallybadidea Tue 10-Jul-18 12:31:17

If they want you to go back early then maybe they'd be prepared to be flexible about part time working? Surely better than nothing from their point of view, the tricky bit would be persuading them to let you stay part time permanently. But then again perhaps you and the maternity cover could do a job share?

owltrousers Tue 10-Jul-18 12:42:41

@reallybadidea exactly what I'm thinking.

I've left it with them and they are going to come back to me about the part time hours. If they say no I can't afford to work full time anyway so I may as well take the 52 weeks.

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reallybadidea Tue 10-Jul-18 16:58:21

Fingers crossed they go for it!

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