Where do I begin?

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Maverick66 Thu 05-Jul-18 17:00:58


I have been a SAHM for past 15 years.
I did childmind for other people in 5 of those years.
However, my family are now grown up youngest is 19.
I need to go back to work both for financial and my own sanity reasons.
I worked in admin prior to becoming a SAHM.

I'm wondering now how I can get back into work?
I'm 51 menopausal and have no confidence in myself yet, I know, I have plenty to offer.

I love people and interacting but taking that initial step is killing me.

I'm just so afraid of making a mistake or a fool of myself.

Any one any advice or experience of returning to workplace after such a long absence?

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GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Thu 05-Jul-18 17:08:38

Could you start by volunteering at a local charity or something to get your confidence levels up?

Or do an admin course? I would imaging things have changed a lot in 15 years.

Good luck!

Maverick66 Thu 05-Jul-18 17:24:58

Yes greenfingers I imagine they have changed a lot.

I would love to do charity work but the thing that stops me doing that is getting roped into fundraising. I hate asking people for money and I am not assertive enough to say no.

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mommybear1 Thu 05-Jul-18 17:30:10

How about working in a charity shop instead I've definitely never been harassed to sponsor there grin

Maverick66 Thu 05-Jul-18 22:00:56

Thanks mommybear

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PinstripeElephant Thu 05-Jul-18 22:23:04

A lot of places offer an NCFE in business and administration smile have a look at the northbrook college website. Unless you did a degree, it should be free.

PinstripeElephant Thu 05-Jul-18 22:23:52

Oh also - with volunteering, a lot of police stations look for volunteer admin staff for neighbourhood watches.

Maverick66 Thu 05-Jul-18 23:36:32

Thank you pinstripe

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PinstripeElephant Fri 06-Jul-18 08:06:51

Also OP, I know it's a bit expensive, but I think once you've done a bit of an update on your skills (an excel course could be good too, have a look on groupon) it may be worth getting some professional advice on your CV.

Civil service is worth a look too! All applications from what I remember are competency based. So you aren't penalised for not having recent work experience.

Maverick66 Fri 06-Jul-18 10:54:45

Pinstripe thanks

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BlitzenandMikey Fri 06-Jul-18 14:03:38

If you are interested in doing some volunteer work OP, maybe have a look at the Do It website? You just key in your area and all the available opportunites come up. Have you a Citizens Advice Bureau locally? They often recruit volunteers and the skills you would acquire there, would definitely be a stepping stone into paid work. Victim Support? Womens refuges? Listeng to children read? RSPCA? Homestart? All depends what you are interested in?

There are also loads of free courses available now. The Skills Network for example and many local colleges offer free distance learning courses which are accredited.

Good luck.

BlitzenandMikey Fri 06-Jul-18 14:19:33


BlitzenandMikey Fri 06-Jul-18 14:20:36


PinstripeElephant Fri 06-Jul-18 16:19:02

As corny as it sounds OP - you can do this. You're clearly intelligent and motivated, employers are desperate to have people like you on board!

I'll add anything that I can think of smile please update us when you find something. And the website listed below looks fantastic, I'm sure you'll find a fab volunteering opportunity, and later on, a great job.

Maverick66 Fri 06-Jul-18 17:03:25

Thanks everyone and as it's Friday ....................winecake

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