Feeling discriminated for being a mum - back to work

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Moominlola Tue 03-Jul-18 19:34:16

I was wondering - anyone

I’m a new mum - career lead me to have a baby in my 40’s-IVF- I’m on maternity leave- but already from work colleges - about my return to work - I seem to get the following message about events / organising trips for when I return to work -‘ oh your on maternity you can’t bd part of this ‘ and I’m like yes I can via my KIT days leading up and it’s running when I’m back to work’ - or - ‘oh when your back will you really want to be involved / do this ‘ - I find this discriminating! Or is it positive discrimination I don’t know ! But I feel I’m being sidelined already for being a ‘mum’ when the office is full of other so called mums! - like WHAT !!! How can I approach this with my line manager and discuss this openly without rubbing up peoples backs !

Would love advice - being an older mum non of my friends have kids or they had kids 15 years ago and before careers

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BillywilliamV Tue 03-Jul-18 19:38:52

Dont really understand, you cant really do things if you are on maternity. How long are you away for? Do you think maybe youre finding it hard to let go for a few months?

Kingsclerelass Tue 03-Jul-18 19:40:40

Don’t rise, push hard for your KITdays, keep up to date with your company and their competition in the news, and if you have any bright ideas while you are off, make them known to at least two people.
You want to give the impression that you are still committed to your career. You’ve years of experience, they would be silly to try to get rid of you.
If you are renewing your home insurance though, make sure you tick the family legal cover box, it covers you for employment disputes.
Good luck

Moominlola Tue 03-Jul-18 20:53:26

Thank you - this is how I feel - KITdays can be used proactively

My focus is on keeping up with the company and competition- maternity is offering me time to explore new avenues re competition and ideas and I don’t want these heard not batted off

Thank you about the insurance information too

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Moominlola Tue 03-Jul-18 20:54:05

Letting go is ok - it’s getting geared up to get back on the horse my worry

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Moominlola Tue 03-Jul-18 20:54:57

I mean I want these heard not batted off

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Achafi Tue 03-Jul-18 20:57:30

Good luck. I had the same thing with my mat leave. I now totally understand why women are under represented at board level. Maternity discrimination is alive and well.

Fatted Sun 08-Jul-18 19:34:05

I don't think there's anything wrong with your work assuming you don't want to be bothered while on mat leave? Generally, when I was on mat leave they didn't contact me unless it was something critical. I think they don't want to risk being seen to expect you back too quickly etc. I kept in touch with colleagues from work, but we generally didn't discuss work and nor would I want to frankly!

Moominlola Tue 10-Jul-18 19:39:27

Thank you - yes it’s alive and well

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