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4 days or 3?

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Bess17 Sun 01-Jul-18 10:57:26

Yesterday 22:48 Bess17

I'm returning to work after nearly 3 years off with dd (6) and ds (4). My youngest starts school in September and I've been lucky enough to secure a job offer. I applied for a 3 day maternity post (term time only) which I've been offered but they also said a f/t had come up which they were willing to offer me, 80% of a f/t post (4 days) on a permanent basis. I'm slightly swayed by the offer of a permanent post but slightly worried that I'll be doing a f/t post in 4 days and I'm also worried about the kids being in afterschool care for 4 days, espeacially my youngest who will be in reception. The pay isn't amazing as it's a public sector job so I wouldn't be paying tax on a 3 day week but would for a 4. Really torn on what's for the best really. 4 days would mean my oldest would have to give up two after school activities that she loves. My dh earns a wage that gets us by but we have had to be frugal over the last couple of years on his income alone. Would be grateful for people's thoughts on this.

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WineGummyBear Sun 01-Jul-18 18:19:03

I've worked both 3 and 4 days and have positive experiences of both.

Reading your post through a second time, it seems like you would prefer the 3 day post.

If you are going from zero to 3 days, you will still notice an improvement in your income!

MsJuniper Sun 01-Jul-18 18:27:22

When I went up from 3 days to 4 I felt like I was basically doing a f/t job for 4/5 salary. I ended up going f/t anyway as I felt quite resentful.

I'd only do 4 days if it were compressed hours in future.

Bess17 Sun 01-Jul-18 18:55:48

Thanks so much for your responses. You're right WineGummyBear, after I've had some time to think about I think the 3 days would be better for me. Ms Juniper this is my worry exactly, it's not as if 20% of the job is going to disappear!! However, I've shown some interest in the 4 day post now as felt I little pressured tbh. I've asked if I can spread the hours over 5 days to fit in with school hours and I don't think they're keen so I'm hoping the 3 day option is still available'as there was mention of giving the maternity post to another candidate, even though we hadn't come to an agreement on the 4 days!! Feel very lucky to have a job offer so soon but am so stressed about it at the moment!!

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