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Barclays Maternity leave - PLEASE HELP

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Claire070211 Sun 01-Jul-18 09:25:17

Hi all,

Looking for some help! I am currently on my maternity leave with my first baby, due back to work first week in September. I have already completed and entered into talks about a flexible working arrangement when I return to work - I have not signed or agreed to anything. I have just found out three days ago that I am pregnant again with our second baby. We are delighted but I am now very nervous and anxious about what to do re. Work. I have a call with manager tomorrow to discuss further my return to work. I am very early in my pregnancy less than 12weeks I'm sure - and I'm unsure if I tell management at this point before or after I've agreed to the new arrangement - does anyone have any knowledge about Barclays policy? I have a copy but it is very basic and does not detail what happens when another pregnancy occurs.

Any help given is much much appreciated as I am a bag of anxious/nervousness.

Thank you!

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