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Non office jobs - any suggestions?

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Soapysoapsoap Thu 28-Jun-18 19:38:22

I’m ready to go back to work again after almost five years off to have children, but don’t want to go back to an office or my old career. (Especially since I want to be there to pick my kids up from school some days.)

Can anyone suggest some NON-office flexi jobs? Working in an office - a desk job in any fashion - didn’t suit me in hindsight.

I used to work in PR - for about 10 years - and before then, I was a nursery teacher - for only two years. Don’t want to go and be a teacher again, but not adverse to training to be some kind of forest school leader or something maybe?!

But doesn’t have to be in the field of education and I wouldn’t mind doing some training for a new role.

Any non-office jobs anyone can suggest?? I’m stuck!

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onceisawabee Thu 28-Jun-18 19:42:50

Could you be a care assistant? The hours are pretty flexible. I work with adults who have LD and it's very rewarding and lots of fun

Soapysoapsoap Thu 28-Jun-18 21:16:37

That sounds interesting, onceisawabee. I will look it up and read more!

Would love other suggestions if anyone has any?

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Soapysoapsoap Fri 29-Jun-18 12:53:04

Anyone else?

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onceisawabee Fri 29-Jun-18 16:51:05

Maybe post in chat, you'll get more traffic

UtterlyDesperate Fri 29-Jun-18 16:59:17

Self-employed house cleaner?

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