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helloBuddy Thu 21-Jun-18 19:04:42

I'm currently on Mat Leave due back Jan. I don't particular enjoy my job role and have been waiting for a role to allow me to progress but this hasn't happened. The company is good to work for and I like the team, it's about 25min commute and they've agreed to me working 3 days per week on my return.

I've seen a role that is 2mins from my house, full time and a lower wage but is a trainee role. The company is known as a good company to work for, should I get it I'd obviously have to return to work earlier than Jan.

I'm really conflicted as I love my time with my baby and part time would be ideal but I also want to progress in my career.

What would you do?

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helloBuddy Sat 23-Jun-18 17:18:50


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sproutsandparsnips Sat 23-Jun-18 17:33:05

If it were me I would go back to the part time job and wait a bit. It will be too much of an adjustment to start a new job, and if you have the opportunity to work part time and can afford to do so, I would.

RandomMess Sat 23-Jun-18 17:46:42

I would go for it as the opportunity may not happen again.

RummidgeGeneral Sun 24-Jun-18 15:06:03

Work part time for a while if you have that option. Better the devil you know I think ...

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Jun-18 15:20:31

The local job will be invaluable once your child starts school. I realise this is a way off, but i’d play the long game.

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