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Competency based manager interview.

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SkaPunkPrincess Tue 12-Jun-18 21:57:14

So, i have managed to land and interview as for a team manager role in my current place of work.

The interview questions will be competency based and I am trying to put my examples together using the STAR method.

The problem is I am struggling to anticipate any questions! I have sat down in front of my pad and my mind has gone blank.

Can anyone help with ideas on questions I may be asked?

Happycow Tue 12-Jun-18 22:04:32

How about things like examples of when you've had to motivate people or a team? (If they are a bit unmotivated)

How you dealt with a difficult situation or delivering unpopular news?

Any ideas you might have to help your team achieve one (or nore) if the business objectives eg. Sales targets, or i.proving customer satisfaction or working in a more efficient way.

SkaPunkPrincess Wed 13-Jun-18 17:35:13

Anyone else able to help?

DD2017 Sun 24-Jun-18 15:55:06

Does your company have a set of values? Try one that shows when you've been an exemplar for each of these.
Look at your company interview questions on glassdoor.
Show team work, leadership, communication etc

marmiteandcheeseoncrumpetspls Sun 24-Jun-18 16:12:36

Think of examples - using the STAR format for things like -
- when you achieved in the face of adversity
- when something unexpected happened, throwing you off course
- when you had to collaborate with other functions / stakeholders / areas of the business

I would also have a 12 week plan demonstrating what you think the priorities are in the role and what your intentions are.

Good luck!

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