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Scottish government competencies

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ojojoj1 Wed 06-Jun-18 18:08:56

Im trying to apply for a job with Scottish government . I’m currently civil servants but they competencies totally throw me. Any advice ?
Any examples?
The competencies needed are Self awareness communication and engagemenr , analysts and use of evidence and financial management

It’s for B1

Thank you

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MoJo8 Sun 09-Dec-18 15:48:58

•Think of at least one example to illustrate each of the critical capabilities/competencies relating to the role.
•Be specific and detailed in your response – but don’t waffle!
•Talk in the past tense. Say ‘I did this’, not ‘I would do this’.
•Talk about your actions and behaviour. Say ‘I did this’, not ‘we did this’.
•Use recent examples where possible (the past two years), unless you have older examples that are more relevant to the role you’re applying for.
•Spend about 70% of your time describing the actions that you took and the behaviour that you displayed (i.e. the “A” part of the STAR).
•Listen to the interviewer – make sure they have finished asking the question before you answer and make sure you answer exactly what they’re asking. Clarify the question if you need to.
•Take your time. It’s better to think of a good example before you start talking rather than give an ineffective answer
•Take your cues from the interviewer. If they’re probing for more detail, give further information. If they’re hurrying you along, give briefer responses.
•Ask for a drink of water. If you get stuck for something to say when asked a difficult question, or you find your mouth is getting irritably dry, it’s a good excuse to take a sip. While it doesn’t buy you a great deal of time, it does give you chance to pause and reflect on the question a few moments before you give an answer.
•You can take notes into an interview if they are presented in a professional business folder. But only use them for reference rather than reading your answers from the sheet, as this undermines your credibility

Cindy08 Sun 05-Jan-20 16:11:28

HI I also have an interview with the same competencies and wondered how it went for you. Were you successful?

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