Part- time teaching!

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Bebkyboo Tue 05-Jun-18 16:35:07

I go back to work in a few weeks... Which fills me with dread!!! I did love my job teaching primary school children ... I have suffered with separation anxiety and have only just started my LO for a few hours! I've been quite clever with it and I go back to work a week before the school holidays and then after the holidays I will be working 2 days a week!
Does anyone work 2 days a week? I'm on a m6 I have no idea what the pay will be like?
My mum will be having LO one day a week and then I'm thinking maybe nursery the other day? She will be 10/11 months old! Experiences of nurseries? Makes me so anxious even thinking about it 😪 my mum's having her when I go back for a week but I am going to come home on my dinner as I am still breastfeeding!

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Bebkyboo Sun 24-Jun-18 10:24:05

My little is 8 months old and since being quite little has sobbed in her sleep! It starts off as a bit of a whine and then breathing changes like when you're really little and you've cried so much that you're breathing is quicker.... Not sure how to explain it! She is asleep and I have tried to soothe her by patting her back stroking her back talking to her but eventually she really cries and wakes herself up! The only thing that will soothe her is BF! Anybody else gone through this? It's not every night but it's definitely once a week! It can be at nap time or during the night.... Thanks xxx

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