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Sergio4 Wed 30-May-18 01:49:56

Hi there it's been nearly1 year since I graduated and I am yet to find a full time job.

I work Part time at Nandos a job I have been doing since 2016. I also have experience as a admin support worker but that was only 4 weeks.

I am looking for all sorts of full time jobs from graduate level, entry level, warehouse jobs etc...

But I have not been successful. Since I graduated I had only 2 interviews which weren't successful because other candidates were more experienced.

What can I do? I really need a full time job to help me get more money

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AnnieOH1 Wed 30-May-18 01:57:44

Get your CV looked over and rewritten. It's something we do (I'm not touting for business here if you'd like I'll happily look at it free of charge) where we create a showcase CV. Take a look online at skillset CVs rather than chronological.

In your case you can highlight your admin experience and hide that the employed admin stuff was only 4 weeks right at the bottom of the CV (i.e. after the recruiter has already taken a shine to you!); highlight your people skills (so conflict resolution, customer service); add in bits from your personal life (if you love bullet journalling add it, if you're an artist explain about attention to detail). Essentially you build up a full picture of who YOU Sergio4 are rather than Sergio the part time nandos worker with 4 weeks admin experience.

Feel free to PM me smile

Camp3rvaann Thu 31-May-18 14:07:48

How many jobs have you applied for ? I think some is a numbers game, keep applying. Have you registered at agencies to do part or full time office work ? Do you have volunteering on your CV ? It's a competitive market, employers are looking for the best with all the added extras, flexible, willing to learn, odd hours. How did your friends get jobs, do they have any employer they can recommend, lots of companies have refer a friend schemes

AbigailisFarty Fri 01-Jun-18 08:44:56

what is your degree in? what did you plan to do when you started uni? is your degree vocational?

You need help with your applications it seems but also you need to think of a career path- it sounds as if you don't know what excites you or what you'd like to do.

One piece of advice is to register with an agency - if you haven't already- and try to do some voluntary work in the sector you are interested in working in.

My DD found it hard to get her first job even with a science degree from a top 10 uni. She did some admin voluntary work which involved PR and organising events, then worked in a cafe, then an agency found her a menial job in a company in her field, and after a few months she was snapped up by that company to work in a graduate role.

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