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Are you a Birth deaths marriages registrar? What’s the job like?

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Notonaschoolnight Sun 20-May-18 15:11:57

Saw a vacancy and I’m really interested and will apply but any more information on the role would be great

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Notonaschoolnight Mon 21-May-18 10:44:31

Ah well it was worth a trt

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Notonaschoolnight Mon 21-May-18 10:44:56

Try even!

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MaybeDoctor Wed 23-May-18 10:04:26

There are some old threads on this - try a search.

The main points seemed to be that it was a very rewarding role, but much more to it than perhaps meets the eye, as obviously the ceremonies are matters of important legal record. I think that you trained in one side eg. deaths, then gradually expanded your role to marriages and births.

There is obviously a very sad side to it, so you need to be able to handle families very professionally and compassionately.

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