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Signed off sick called in for a meeting

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Flamingo123 Thu 17-May-18 13:25:26

Hi all

A few weeks ago , after a long period of being in an abusive relationship, I finally called the police and my partner was taken away. He killed himself a few days later in horrendous circumstances.
The doctor has seen me 3 tubes and signed me off sick each time. I've been off for 5 weeks now. Today I got a letter from work asking me to attend an interview.
I'm worried sick-am I in trouble?? I'm in a very emotional state, I work with children, and just don't think I can cope with work yet.

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Kingsclerelass Thu 17-May-18 13:36:01

It could be that your employer is doing a welfare check, which involves discussing what they can do to help, to get you back on your feet.

If you are signed off sick, then you aren't in trouble.

Have you thought about what adjustments might help you get back to work...part time for an interim period, not working alone, not starting or leaving in darkness, parking space close to entrance, a mentor to work with you for a few weeks etc. It might be good to take some suggestions with you, that show you are trying to sort out the situation.
Would an admin-based role be better in the short term.

Perhaps they are going to offer you counselling. It depends on your employer. Some are better than others. Try not to get in a state until you have talked to them. flowers

Flamingo123 Thu 17-May-18 13:41:14

Thank you

I'm in quite an emotional state right now, after all that's happened, so it doesn't take much to set me off into "fright mode!

Last time I spoke to the doctor we talked about phased return, I'll see if my employer thinks that this is workable. I just need to feel that I'm not going to be breaking down when I'm in front of a classful of kids!

Thank you for your reply x

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