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Fatted Wed 16-May-18 11:12:02

I'm having a period of feeling sorry for myself at the moment. I work part time evenings (including every other weekend) to fit around childcare. I currently have DS1 at primary school and DS2 is 3 and has 2.5 hours at nursery a day.

I feel like I'm stuck at the moment. My routine with drop offs and pick ups etc means I feel like I don't actually have much time in the day to get out and do anything with DS2 or spend any meaningful time on my own interests. I also hardly see DS1 the days I'm working because I go to work straight after he gets home. I feel like there is no point me being at home.

We have a few debts and if I went full time in September when DS2 qualifies for 30 free hours, it would make a huge difference to us financially. At the moment all my wages go on bills. I would have to work shifts, I obviously wouldn't be home as much. I used to work full time when DS1 was a baby and hated it. I can't help feeling like if I did go full time I'd wish I was back at home.

I just don't know what would make me happy anymore. I feel like going full time probably wouldn't change much of what I'm unhappy about but I would at least have more money coming in!

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Fatted Wed 16-May-18 11:13:01

Just wondering what others have done in similar situations?

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User19992018 Wed 16-May-18 14:24:33

How long would it take you to pay off your debts?

If you went full-time could you put a cap on it, like think: "I'll do this for 2 years and then stop".

Sometimes it's the thought of there being no end-point that can be harmful/tricky.

Or you could bring it down to 6 months or one year.

How would it feel to be debt free?

Eventually both DC will be at school full-time so hopefully you'd have more chunks of time then to work and see them more?

User19992018 Wed 16-May-18 14:25:59

I do think those early years are the hardest. But your DS is 3 now. Only a year or so more of this? Then school? It makes such a big difference when they're both in school. Hopefully then you can switch to day-time?

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