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Maternity allowance?

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Tinkstar Mon 14-May-18 16:58:45

Sorry if this is in the wrong place I couldn't find a suitable topic for it. I'm thinking about starting up with Usborne books but my question is will my maternity allowance be affected?
It's not the same as maternity leave money as I was working near the end of my pregnancy so didn't know how this worked.
Anyone able to help?

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Mybabystolemysanity Mon 14-May-18 17:01:22

You shouldn't be doing any more than your 10 keeping in touch days if you are in receipt of maternity allowance because you were self employed during your pregnancy. I would think taking on more work probably means you should stop claiming.

Tinkstar Mon 14-May-18 17:04:10

Sorry my message was meant to say I wasn't working near the end of my pregnancy. I don't have a job to go back to when my maternity allowance ends in September. Don't know if that makes a difference or not?

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Mybabystolemysanity Mon 14-May-18 17:47:55

Are you claiming because you'd been self employed during the qualifying period, or are you claiming because you'd been employed but didn't qualify for SMP? Not that it probably makes a difference. AFAIK, you can do 10 KIT days during the 39 weeks you're in receipt of MA without affecting your entitlement. I guess it's a grey area if you take on 10 days worth of new work if you'd previously not been working but had qualified for MA is a bit of a grey area. The 10 days I know is any time you spend working regardless of if it's a half day full day or 10 minutes. It's checking into work on 10 separate dates, IYSWIM?

Tinkstar Mon 14-May-18 18:30:13

I was employed but didn't qualify for statutory pay. It is such a grey area! I can't really find anything about it either as it's all about if you're returning to an actual job.

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