Mat leave and working. Should i feel so guilty?

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HSBI1417 Sun 13-May-18 10:52:01

So my OH lost his job in april (end of a fixed contract) and hasn't found anything else yet.... we had DD2 in Dec 17 so I'm on maternity leave till Sep 18 (thank you accrued holiday!) But now I've had to go back to my second job early.... No mat rights as it's a zero hour contract... and OH is getting annoyed that he's being left with both kids on school run/bedtime because I'm out of the house either from 6am or until 7.30pm. How do I tell him to either shut up complaining because we've got to pay the bills or get a job? And how do I make him understand how much it's affecting me feeling so guilty about leaving my babies so much when I'm supposed to be enjoying this time at home with them? sad

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Babyroobs Sun 13-May-18 23:19:07

Either he needs to step up his job hunting ( and be prepared to do anything to get some money coming in ) or accept that he needs to be doing the childcare whilst you work ! we have always worked around each other and my dh had many a whole weekend looking after 4 kids under 7. I went back to work when each of my kids were 6 months old. Your dh is being very unreasonable unless he is depressed or there is some other reason he can't cope with this,

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