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How do I get into midwifery?

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SauvignonBlanche Sat 28-Apr-18 20:51:05

Justposting Sat 28-Apr-18 20:45:40

I am a SAHM I always wanted to get into midwifery but it never happened as I stayed at home with the kids, I am planning to go back to work in a year or 2 and can in the meantime study for midwifery at home or part time college etc, as I still have young children at home, if your a midwife could you please guide me how to get into it, I’ve got my GCSE but a D in maths C in English and literature in total 8GCSE also BtEc courses completed, would I need to gain a access course before applying for UNi? Any advice guidance will be much appreciated

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