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Tillybilly1 Sun 15-Apr-18 19:36:45

Anyone else read the Mumsnet info on returning to work and thought who on earth wrote this?
I found Emma Pickett's book really helpful but if I had read this first instead I would have assumed I would face all-sorts of problems. I told my employer first in writing asking to make sure fridge and thermometer available, knew where to express if I needed to or could do it in my car if more relaxing but found baby happy to feed before and after most days and during the day if I could visit during day. I'm not saying going back to work isn't hard or breastfeeding isn't but I feel like so much so called information focuses on problems and negative bias rather than supportive tips from other real mums. So here is a thread, add whatever tips you found useful or questions you have about returning to work.
I found info on kellymom great and another mum told me about wet bagging and double pumps. What are your tips?

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