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Any NHS HR bods or unions reps out there?

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ramalamma Tue 10-Apr-18 15:47:45

My employer has changed my working pattern a few days before I return to work from maternity, as this will now cause me financial hardship (I was working weekends before and would now need to put kids in nursery), could I argue that the 3 months you need to return for in order to not pay back omp could be waivered? I also wonder if there should be more notice given to myself.

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Helspopje Tue 10-Apr-18 15:49:48

Is the change within your contact?

Helspopje Tue 10-Apr-18 15:50:10


MoveDownSouth Wed 11-Apr-18 16:49:39

You could try a flexible working application but the NHS seems to get away with changing employees working pattern these days. No consideration for working parents at all.
Hope you get sorted.

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