Would it be naff to mention Etsy business on cv?

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SquishySquirmy Tue 10-Apr-18 11:10:23

Just that really!
I've got a very brief section on my cv which explains a 3 year gap in employment. Have mentioned that I have kept up to date with developments in industry, and also briefly mentioned running community groups and some volunteering I do. The volunteering is relevant to my sector and has transferable skills.

I also have a very tiny Etsy business, which has generated a couple of hundred pounds of revenue. Not a lot, but its a hobby I enjoy and every bit of extra cash has been handy.

I was thinking of writing something along the lines of "During this time I have....[blah blah blah].. and set up an online micro business"

But I now think that sounds a bit too grand for such a tiny "business"! I wouldn't want recruiters to think I was prone to massive exaggerations/bullshit.

I don't want to go into too much detail about it on my cv (space issues), and its not particularly relevant to the role beyond emphasising that I haven't been sat on my bum for the last few years.

So - mention it or not?

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FirstTimeRound984 Tue 10-Apr-18 11:36:29

I would mention it briefly, like you say it explains that you haven't been doing nothing for a few years. If they want to ask you about then you can explain in greater detail. I don't think you way you described it is an exaggeration at all, its factual.

SquishySquirmy Thu 12-Apr-18 08:49:55

Thanks FirstTimeRound1984 I'll mention it but keep it brief!

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LittlePear91 Thu 12-Apr-18 08:56:13

Definitely mention it because it accounts for that time. And don't downplay it- it's a business (forget 'micro'!), no matter if it made you £1million or lost you money. There are tons of transferable skills developed when running a business of any kind, which will be useful in any job that you do!

It might be an idea if you think that they think it would interfere with your potential new job, to say that you strictly do this business in your down time, so they don't think it would distract you from your job with them?

ChilliCheeseMama Thu 12-Apr-18 09:07:46

I've always put my hobby business on my cv and it's a great talking point in interviews. Employers like to see you have actual interests outside of work and aren't just a mindless drone wink

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