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Going back to work but only to keep maternity pay?

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Mehday Sat 07-Apr-18 14:02:56

I was glad to leave work to have DS as so many things were becoming unbearable. I had a couple of health issues caused by stress (the GP said). Before I knew I was having DS I had started thinking about what else I could do, looking at jobs which paid less but were interesting and possibly open to me.

A couple of things changed for the better just as I left but I have since heard of some things which are going to make my life harder again. So I am more or less dreading going back.

I have to work 3 months before leaving to keep my maternity pay (NHS). I know this sounds awful because it is unfair to employers. At the moment the prospect of only going back for a bit is what is keeping me going.

It feels wrong to go back knowing I might leave but equally I can't really afford to pay the year's money back. Has anyone else done this? I know it may never happen as I need a job to go to...and that's the other thing, references if employers know you only came back for the minimum time.

I'm just musing really.

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pastabest Sat 07-Apr-18 14:32:27

How much leave have you accrued whilst you have been on maternity leave?

There's no reason you can't return, give your notice the day you return and only work the days that aren't covered by accrued leave.

It gives them the opportunity to keep your maternity cover on (although I bet they haven't covered you anyway if it's NHS!!) or recruit permanently to your role.

Future employers won't know that you were on maternity leave before you left unless you choose to tell them (and there isn't really a reason to) as maternity leave is classed as part of your continuous employment.

pastabest Sat 07-Apr-18 14:37:51

I also wouldn't feel too guilty about doing it, they are the terms they set for their occupational maternity pay, and you are abiding by those terms.

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