Possible interview questions?

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kazillionaire Fri 06-Apr-18 23:55:35

I have an interview for the role of customer services advisor with a local authority, does anyone have any ideas what they might ask?
I have to complete some short tasks too, any guesses what they might be?
I can't think of any!

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BensonJutton Mon 09-Apr-18 21:10:28

Hi Kaz,

They might ask you to prioritise a list of 5 or so emails from various customers. Eg, the most angriest email was the number 1 priority and the "thank you for a great service" may be the last email to respond to.

They could ask you about GDPR. I have had interviews lately, none actually involve GDPR but I have been asked about it in every interview.

You may get asked to compose a response to a customers email to see how friendly and helpful you are?

For a customer service role I interviewed for last year they asked for examples of when I had to reply to an angry customer, how I managed a heavy workload, how I managed to drop my work to deal with an urgent request and how good am I at working on my own or in a team.

Can't think of much else. Hope this helps a little anyway smile

kazillionaire Mon 09-Apr-18 22:35:47

Thank you for your reply, I know there are a couple of tests so it would make sense that an email would be one of them smile
I have previously completed their DP course so I will get the papers out and update myself - joy oh joy!

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aproblemsharedandallthat Tue 10-Apr-18 00:03:12

Hi Kaz,

If I were you I would research GDPR. It will affect everyone who handles personal identifiable information. This is any information that can identify an individual. It is like a minefield but it was legalised a couple of years ago and companies have to show that they are compliant with GDPR from the 25th May 2018. Not complying will have a massive effect on the company as well as the individual that breached GDPR. So, even if you handle someone's name on an email you need to know about GDPR. Don't get me started on data sticks and pieces of paper!

Your tasks may include scenarios, typing test, in tray exercise, summarising a message in shorthand, taking a phone call and making notes/writing the message etc. The questions will probably include why you were attracted to the role, what skills and knowledge you can bring to the role, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, giving an example of a deadline you had to work to, what you would do if someone contacted you asking for personal information etc. Have a look at the person specification for the job, they would have used this to shortlist and the tasks and interview questions will be based on what is essential for the role in addition to questions relating to the desirable skills and knowledge.

Good luck in your interview smile

kazillionaire Thu 12-Apr-18 00:18:56

Thank you so much, I have lots of reading and swotting to do! I will update this with the outcome of the interview xx

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