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Daffodils78 Fri 06-Apr-18 22:42:40

Interview for a hairdressing assistant, front of house and reception. I used to be a stylist but had a wrist injury and then been out of work due to kids.

It used to be all black with flats back in the day, but apparently now I am expected to dress 'smart casual' but I am assuming that is not office 'smart casual' as in heals, but flats with something smart ish

Please any ideas greatly appreciated. Also, is straightened hair a big no no now am I better to go with waves/curls/bouncy blow dry

As regards shoes would brand new smart trainers be ok or better in flat pumps

thanks smile

so excited cant wait to get back to work

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Daffodils78 Fri 06-Apr-18 22:48:45

can I have long falsies (professional gel ones) or am I better to have them shorter so look like I am more able practically (can type and perform the job form with either)

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