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A home based role which pays under £700 per month - is it worth it?

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gazzalw Thu 05-Apr-18 10:20:45

Would you do it? I was made redundant at the beginning of the year and effectively accepted the first job I was offered but with a view to doing something else alongside it. In theory possible because it's part-time.

However, less than a week in it's clear that I will probably be working full time for some months to get up to speed, particularly as there's been a two-three month break in personnel and I'm basically having to work things out for myself. So everything is well behind. Was envisaging spending no more than 15 hrs a week on it but it's quite clear it will take some months before I will even be able to even consider working to this weekly time-frame.

Whilst I could do with the regular money, I'm not sure even short-term that it's worth my while. What would you do? And there already seems to be an expectation that I can drop everything to do meetings etc...


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SpringNowPlease2018 Thu 05-Apr-18 10:23:19

you're doing a 35 hour week for £700 pcm?

KirstenRaymonde Thu 05-Apr-18 10:25:34

If you’re working that much for that pay for an employer, that’s illegal

Mustang27 Thu 05-Apr-18 10:27:45

If you are working full time for part time pay it really is not wort it and as others have said probably illegal.

Oblomov18 Thu 05-Apr-18 10:29:54

Depends. Sounds like possibly not.

I do accounts, and it's always in a right mess when I start, that's probably why they call me in.
But once I get it sorted, there on in, it takes all of a few minutes and it's so easy I could do it with my eyes shut.

Is this the same?

gazzalw Thu 05-Apr-18 11:04:05

Thanks for your responses.

I suspect some months down the line it could be quite easy to do things quickly BUT my predecessor did say they will try to make it a full-time post out of peanuts money.

I am happy to do it for 15 hours a week but really wouldn't be wanting to do more than 20 even to start with. And I've already done 15 in two days (including an evening handover meet-up).

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SpringNowPlease2018 Thu 05-Apr-18 11:56:13

if your predecessor said that, I'd take it on board.

would you consider talking to them about this?

gazzalw Thu 05-Apr-18 12:48:07

I will do SpringNowPlease2018. Have a meeting arranged and think I will make it quite clear that I'm only doing 15-20 hours a week from the off.

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