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Jobs past and present

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ibicus Sat 31-Mar-18 23:57:41

Just wondered what everyone's jobs are and have been since your first jobs and degrees etc... that helped you get there..? Also I'd like to know if you enjoy them. Just purely out of interest as a young mum hoping for her own career and interested in others stories.

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ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 14:37:55


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ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 15:19:42

I'll start- I am 17 now. I've done some cleaning jobs and a bit of work in exchange for accommodation and food and am hoping for an apprenticeship soon!

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Dingdong1975 Sun 01-Apr-18 15:43:49

Degree in maths, first job after my graduation was almost a year in co-op pt and ft, 6 months receptionist, 6 months customer services, 1 year technical support, 7 years in various posts as an engineer. My first job paid 8k and last job before career break paid 42k+. 9 years career break, engineer again at "basic" pay. All of my male colleagues pays at least 10k more than me.

Kim82 Sun 01-Apr-18 15:48:00

I had a Saturday job in a bakery as a teenager, joined a firm of solicitors as an office junior at 16, worked my way up to legal secretary. Had a 2 year break when I had my youngest and I’m now working part time as a gp receptionist. No career for me, just regular jobs.

Dingdong1975 Sun 01-Apr-18 15:48:21

I hated all the roles apart from being an engineer. I am rubbish with people, crap at interviews.

ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 15:58:19

Wow how sickening that men get paid so much more.

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Dingdong1975 Sun 01-Apr-18 16:07:44

Partly because I had 9 years career break and they didn't...

ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 16:08:55

But are you doing the same job at the same level?

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Dingdong1975 Sun 01-Apr-18 17:06:09

Same title but I only have been there for just over a year vs 6 years+.

RoryHatesCoffee Sun 01-Apr-18 17:30:10

Degree in international relations.
Graduate scheme at a big 4 accountancy firm, qualified as chartered accountant and worked there for 4 years.
Moved to an international bank as a strategic analyst and been there 4 years.

pompomcat Sun 01-Apr-18 17:46:01

I did law at uni and worked in retail and in a call centre during uni holidays.

I trained as a solicitor and work for a fairly large firm. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone (it can be challenging to get into/long hours/stressful) but I personally enjoy it and am really fortunate to have supportive bosses and good friends in my team.

What do you enjoy and what are your strengths @ibicus?

ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 17:50:40

I enjoy graphic design which is what the apprenticeship is in and I'm not entirely sure of my strengths. I'm going do some research and see what I can think of and take a little notebook to remind me. It would be ideal as I love doing design work even though it's for something fairly mundane the designing is fun and I'd gain experience.

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ibicus Sun 01-Apr-18 17:53:02

ding do you think if you'd worked there for the same amount of time as them your salary would be on par? It does seem a little unfair considering the only reason most of the men advanced their careers so much was because of the woman who were their partners raising their children and doing most of the housework.

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Scarlet1234 Tue 03-Apr-18 09:08:12

Ibicus I don't see what's unfair about ding's situation. If you stay working for an employer and get annual pay rises then you have a higher salary than new starters and that is fair - in fact it would be unfair to do otherwise. If you take a career break and then join a new company you are a new starter.

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